Burt Munro
Web Developer Trainer

Hey there! I’m a Website Developer and I'm here to train others and share my knowledge.

Course 1: HTML and CSS
This course will teach you HTML and CSS which is great for beginners. There is no prior knowledge needed and is intended for people that want to get into Web development. We will learn the fundamentals of both languages as well as the different software and tools you will need to start your journey on becoming a Web Developer. This is a self-paced course but is recommended that you set aside 5 hours a week.
Course 2: APIs
This course will teach you about APIs which is used in almost all websites today. As for the fundamentals, we will learn how you can make your own API and how to keep them safe from hackers. This is a self-paced course but is recommended that you set aside 10 hours a week.
Course 3: Front and Back End Developing
This course will teach you both front end and back end developing. This is a great course for people who are thinking of becoming either front end, back end, or full stack developer. We will learn the basics of both and find out which one will work for you if you plan on becoming a developer. This is a self-paced course but is recommended that you set aside 15 hours a week.
Course 4: Website Security
This course will teach you best practices in the cybersecurity world for Web Development. This is a very important step in being a developer, many pay little attention this this, but it can save a lot of time in the long run. We will go over the basics and best practices for keeping your website secure from intruders.

My experience

I have 20+ years of experience in being a full stack developer and have made several websites for customers around the world. I have worked for Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. I now own and run Edulinkweb to teach others on Web Development.

Back-end Deveolper
April 2011 — Mar 2015
Web Designer
Apr 2015 — Mar 2018
Full Stack Developer
Jun 2018 — Jul 2023
Jul 2023 — forever

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